Reduce your losses
by up to 90%

Supersmart Loss Prevention Solution

  • More revenue and security thanks to AI technology
  • Frictionless shopping & fast self-checkout
  • More efficient use of personnel

Secure validation

without checks

During checkout, the Supersmart Loss Prevention Solution checks every single item in the shopping cart or basket – no matter the size of the shopping cart. The multi-stage validation is based on weight sensors, weight matching (troubleshooting), and the recognition of big data combined with shopping patterns. Items that have not been scanned or were scanned twice are detected by the system within seconds, reducing losses by up to 90%.

The benefits for your customers: an improved shopping experience coupled with an optimized checkout process – all without long lines or manual checks.


There is a huge demand in the market to improve the user experience in retail. It is important to ensure a frictionless shopping experience while at the same time to avoid any additional losses.
That is exactly what you get with Supersmart.“

Sebastián De Diego Garcia
Team Leader EMEA Software Sales, Bizerba

Your benefits as a retailer


Increased security with multi-stage validation of the complete purchase


Larger shopping carts & less losses during self-checkout


Higher throughput at the checkout with validation within seconds (>120 transactions/hour)


Reduced payroll costs thanks to efficient staff allocation


Cost efficient implementation in your existing infrastructure


Satisfied customers due to the smooth and anonymous shopping experience

Satisfied customers
always come back

With Supersmart, you can provide your customers with a self-checkout process that features every benefit: secure, fast & easy to work with.


  • Time savings & reduced waiting times at the checkout line: The entire purchase is validated within seconds
  • No more packing and unpacking of products at the checkout
  • More self-determination & privacy while shopping: purchasing assistance on request and anonymous validation

Smooth shopping experience
with super smart self-scanning

01 Convenient use via app or handheld scanner

02 Simply store the basked or cart and scan in the products

03 To validate, scan in the code at checkout

04 Pay using all common payment methods

Figures, please

Fewer losses

Transactions per Supersmart station/hour

What is the best solution
for your store?

With the self-scanning & self-checkout systems of the past, losses were inevitable. The cloud-based Supersmart technology effectively prevents losses, increasing revenue as a result.

When do you achieve your ROI? Talk to our experts free of charge about your particular needs. Just right for your store and your requirements.

We'll help steer you towards success with Supersmart.

Do you have questions?

Is Supersmart a security system? 

No. The Supersmart Loss Prevention Solution is not a security system. The solution is designed to effectively reduce losses by up to 90% during self-checkout. During validation, the system recognizes whether all items were scanned. Any deviation is detected based on weight and with the support of AI technology.

How quickly will I see the return on investment (ROI) with Supersmart? 
The exact ROI can only be calculated for you individually. It depends on the size of your business, the average number of customers and how many Supersmart stations you want to set up in your market. Our experience has shown that the enormous increase in the number of transactions carried out per hour alone has a very positive effect on ROI. They are much higher than the transactions completed at conventional cash registers.
Let us calculate the ROI for you. Our experts are happy to help you.
Go to Your-ROI
How high is the total cost of ownership (TCO) for Supersmart?

As compared to other common solutions such as Grab & Go or Smart Carts, the total cost of ownership is fairly low for Supersmart. This can also be seen in the return on investment: The Supersmart Loss Prevention Solution is the solution with the best ROI.

Does Supersmart put the jobs of our sales people at risk?

No, on the contrary. With Supersmart, you can more effectively allocate your staff. Where in the past your staff was allocated to the cash register, it can now play a significantly more active role in customer service and along the entire customer journey. For example, your staff can make the customer aware of any specials and new products, help find items or, if necessary, provide support in the use of the Supersmart app. All of this has a positive effect on the shopping experience of your customers.

Is the solution primarily designed to be used by a younger generation of customer?

No, definitely not. Even the older generation of customers uses Supersmart and appreciates the ease of use of the app and the handheld scanner, not to mention the time savings during checkout.

Can customers use their own shopping bags for purchases?

Yes, Supersmart offers a whole bundle of customer and store-specific options. For example, as a retailer, you can predefine a number of different shopping bags: You define the net weight or the tare weight in the app. The customer selects them and the stored value flows directly into the validation. We would be happy to consult with you about this and many other options.

Can fresh products be integrated in the purchasing process?  

Yes, this can be done seamlessly thanks to Bizerba scales & software. Fish, meat, fresh produce & baked goods are weighed in their corresponding fresh food area. The item price is defined based on the gross weight. During checkout, the Supersmart system validates based on net weight.

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