Time for an Upgrade


  • Indicators for timely cleaning, grinding & maintenance
  • Full data transparency & more time for customers
  • Save up to 55 % energy with Emotion® technology

Intuitive operation

As easy as a

Thanks to the SmarterSlicing indicator functions, your focus is on your customers. The operator touchscreen of your slicer provides all relevant information at a glance. Intelligent indicators signalize your counter team when it's time to clean, grind, or maintain. This ensures optimally planned processes. Clear error codes save time and service costs. Your benefit: maximum equipment availability, the best hygiene, and perfect slicing results every day.

  • Touchscreen can be operated intuitively

    without additional training

  • Ensure hygiene automatically

    with the cleaning indicator

  • Constant slicing quality

    thanks to timely grinding

  • Avoid downtime

    with the maintenance indicator

Networked slicing

Central management with FoodConnect

The FoodConnect interface offers full data transparency. The connection to the RetailControl software networks your slicers directly with your PC. This means easy monitoring, management and reporting of counter processes such as grinding operations, cleaning or updates. But also: effortless inventory and quick help in case of unplanned service calls – at any time & even across different branches. Just sliced better when connected.

  • 1 Software for all

    slicers & scales

  • Central data transparency

    Digital monitoring, management &
    reporting of all devices & actions

  • Merge service intervals
    & optimise processes

    based on your store data

  • Ready for Future

    Save time & costs in the future

Save energy costs

automatically through Emotion®

TÜV-tested technology for your service counter – save costs slice by slice: The intelligent engine control Emotion® automatically adapts the engine’s performance to the resistance of the product. This has been proven to save up to 55 % energy with every slicing process.

Highest quality
sustainably cut

Perfect slicing results and lower energy costs. How it works? Emotion® makes it possible. Whether the material to be cut is firm or soft, the patented engine concept optimally adjusts energy consumption. The motor switches off automatically when not in use (for longer periods).

Counter atmosphere

Our particularly quiet Emotion® motor ensures low noise levels at the service counter. This is pleasant for your counter staff and your customers: an ideal atmosphere for consulting and shopping.

Best freshness &
long shelf life

The smart Emotion® technology results in less radiated warmth. Due to the reduced heat radiation, the blade and the storage area are only minimally heated – your goods remain fresh and durable for longer.

Up to 55 % less energy costs

How much will you save by using Emotion®?


Simply clean

With the innovative Ceraclean® surface finish, you save time & ensure the best hygiene at the deli counter. The smooth surface has optimal non-stick properties. Whether meat, sausage or cheese: liquids runoff, greasy or even strongly adhering residues can be removed quickly. Ceraclean® is corrosion-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Your unbeatable partner for reliable hygiene at the deli counter.

Practical Design

Absolutely hygienic

The hygienic design of your Bizerba slicers prevents dirt from emerging in the first place. Rounded surfaces and reduced joints prevent liquids from accumulating. Components that can be dismantled without tools guarantee easy cleaning. Your advantage: You reliably meet the highest hygiene requirements with minimal cleaning time.

Easy lifting

For safe cleanliness

Maximum cleanliness even when you have little space: Make your counter staff's daily tasks easier with the practical lifting device. The slicer can be lifted with minimal effort. Thus your counter is cleaned quickly and easily. Best hygiene guaranteed.

Security & comfort

A strong team

Protect the health of your employees with safe & comfortable work equipment. Technical safety functions of our slicers, such as illumination, provide a new level of work safety. This means optimum ease of use for your team at every step of the work process.

at a glance

It couldn't be simpler: The illuminated slice thickness adjustment knob of your new slicer shows the device mode at a glance. The clear signal indicates whether the blade is running or not. Green: safe working. Red: risk of injury.

Occupational safety &
Cost savings

If the slice thickness knob is at 0 or the individual timer is activated, the motor switches off automatically. There is no risk of injury to your counter staff. At the same time, energy consumption is minimized – convenient protection for your team and the budget.

Counting &
weighing in one step

Save space and reduce the work steps of your counter staff with automatic counting & weighing. This allows your counter team to focus on providing detailed customer advice. The result? A motivated team and satisfied customers.

4 tips

for your counter staff

Sharp, sharper,

Get optimum slicing results at all times through timely scheduled grinding cycles: When the blade is sharp, you avoid expensive give-away and equipment failures in running business.

Your counter,
your routines

Via the FoodConnect LAN interface, you can easily obtain the recorded performance data from your slicers. This is the ideal basis for optimising your processes. Perfectly adapted to the needs of your store.


The more pleasant the atmosphere at your counter, the better the sales. This is promoted, for example, by low noise levels. Integrated scales and disc counters also allow your counter staff to focus on customers entirely.

Improve your
sales professionally

Show off your qualities! Efficient processes at the counter make work easier, save time, and demonstrate professionalism. Beyond that, time for a detailed consultation will make your customers feel valued.

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