More powerful than ever –
the new GLM-I series

Optimize your production while labeling

  • Up to 30% space savings
  • Fewer downtimes
  • Modular, custom-fit system

Higher efficiency – even
for complex, increasing requirements

The GLM-I series offers flexible performance in small spaces. Without having to make costly expansion in your production line and production facility. Welcome to the fifth generation of the Bizerba price labeling systems.

Designed for up to 30% space savings

Gain new perspectives with the one-of-a-kind compact GLM-I. With its new, slim design, the labeling unit has significantly reduced its footprint compared to the GLM-Ievo series. Use the space you've gained for

+ Space-saving, streamlined installation in your production line
+ Utilizing up to six labeling units in the GLM-I system
+ And integrating inspection systems for a reliable packaging & production inspection.

Performance up, downtime down

How can we optimize your downtime? That was one of our goals when developing the new GLM-I generation. Leverage high-end features for faster processes:

+ Fully automatic setup for optimized article call-up, new: now for top & bottom labelers
+ Individually controllable & optimally coordinated labeling units & label dispensers
+ Seamless product and label roll changeovers during ongoing operation
+ Direct access to the labeling unit, always aligned with the operator, no matter the conveying direction

With its modular design, ready for tomorrow

Invest in a price labeling system that enables you to satisfy new requirements long-term. Design the exact solution you need from a wide range of models and options:

+ Precisely customized starter solution, e.g. number of labelers top/bottom, applicators, etc.
+ Can also be customized through the Customer Solution Center
+ Number of labeling units can be upgraded at any time on request: up to 10 labeling units + label dispensers in one line
+ System can be expanded as required, e.g. with Bizerba metal detector & vision inspection system

Your plus

Higher performance in the same space

Efficient handling

More uptime thanks to fewer setup times

Intuitively always on top of things

Using the new GLM-I user interface, experience just how easily the complex system can be operated. Follow the current status of all components and integrated inspections systems on the newly designed dashboard. Quickly adjust the label position per touch. Detect the label fill-levels at a glance. Ideal for efficient handling and optimum product quality.

Your plus

Intuitive user guidance for optimized operating procedures

Individually adjustable user profiles for reliable quality management

Streamlined handling with modern designed, personally customized user interface

Ready for 4.0 via
BRAIN2 industrial software

Network with the intelligent GLM-I models in your production. Automate your workflows. The modular BRAIN2 industrial software makes it possible. Simply unlock apps that optimize your production line and seamlessly document processes. If your requirements grow, BRAIN2 simply grows with them. And remains open for third party hardware or software.

Centrally maintain master data

Feed your price labeling system automatically. centrally and securely with all relevant data, such as price, item and label layout. Use the intuitive BRAIN2 user interface to send specific selected master data to your devices.

BRAIN2 apps

BRAIN2 Data_Maintenance
BRAIN2 Label_Designer

Your Plus

  • Import directly from the ERP system
  • Steamlined data handling
  • Fast label preview for all data & layout

Acquire & analyze process data

Determine and optimize data-based unit values, statistics, and the effectiveness of your production. Using flexible reports, analyze giveaways, scrap and other key values. After only a few weeks, recognize optimization trends, such as for downtimes, performance and quality.

BRAIN2 apps

BRAIN2 Prepack_compliance
BRAIN2 Capture

Your Plus

  • Produce according to prepack regulations
  • Transparent workflows
  • Optimized device availability and product quality

Process orders automatically

BRAIN2 processes complete labeling jobs from your ERP system and controls price labeling lines autonomously: The software sends order-based production data to the GLM-I price labeling systems. Fast, easy and reliable. Follow your order status in real time on the web-based app interface. When and wherever you want.

BRAIN2 apps

BRAIN2 Order_Processing

Your Plus

  • Automated order processing
  • Secure processes
  • Efficient work and dataflow

Secure data & device access

Rely on maximum security. Create backups directly on the GLM-I that are stored centrally in the BRAIN2 database. Ideal in order to be able to restore the system without any time loss. Maintain control over users. RFID chip automatic login and personalized device authorizations make it possible to trace every user. All performed operations, master data or backups are also saved.

BRAIN2 apps

BRAIN2 Safety_Service
BRAIN2 Device_Access


Audit trail

Your Plus

  • Time and cost-saving device installation
  • Transparent production
  • Efficient quality management

Digitally network workflows

Select the best data transfer for your production. Integrate your GLM-I model directly into your ERP and MES system or import or export the data. The result: Seamless connectivity for a fast and fast workflow and dataflow. From order entry to outgoing goods. The ideal tool to streamline the complexity of your processes fully automatically and to be able to produce profitably even just in time.



Your Plus

  • Easy to integrate in existing infrastructure
  • Import or export data at any time
  • Access to implemented workflows

3 features that strengthen your competitive advantage

What retail means today: You have to respond to the market needs quickly and flexibly. Produce an increasingly broad range of products. And whether your fresh food product finds its way into the shopping cart will also be decided by the next trend. Your GLM-I price labeling system makes you ready for almost any challenge. With one line only. Today and tomorrow. A good point for your business case.

High in demand: a broad range of products

Consumers have a tremendous hunger for variety – in the fresh produce sector as well. The variety of refrigerated products in retail is on the rise. Currently, plus cooling accounts for 50% of the cooling area*. With a rising tendency. With the GLM-I series you get two features to serve this trend efficiently with just one line in running operation:

> A large number of labelers that you can load with a variety of label rolls, enabling even chaotic production on the fly, for example
> Automatic product settings for quick product and label changes.

*Source: EHI Study "Refrigeration Technology in Food Retail 2021"

Clear trend: transparent packaging

Transparent hard trays in the fresh produce rack are a current packaging trend. Consumers are immediately drawn to this appealing design: they see the color and shape of the product and have a clear impression of the quality of the goods. Two important factors that result in a purchasing decision.

Transparent labels reinforce this powerful selling design. Their use is also achievable with the GLM-I series thanks to the ultrasound sensor. A real added value that put you a step ahead of the competition.

In strong demand: small batch sizes

More and more retailers are ordering smaller, customized quantities. Meet this demand – lean and profitable. Your GLM-I model provides fluent and flexible workflows that increase your production line utilization. Produce small batch sizes with zero downtime: Automatically adjust the price labeling system to the next batch size & change labels seamlessly on up to six integrated labeling units on all standard models.

Satisfying food standards efficiently

Expand the unique performance of your GLM-I price labeling system. For example with an AI-based vision inspection, which satisfies international food standards such as IFS. The LabelSecure vision inspection system does just that. Objectively, quickly and reliably. Even at high throughput levels.

With the inline solution, you can check whether the label contains the correct information – matching the product. Benefit from a seamless traceability with automatically generated reports. Another advantage: LabelSecure provides process analysis and control in real time. Your key to saving resources.

Teach in the defined criteria quickly & easily

Can be used for different packaging

Synchronous top/bottom label inspection; ideal for full wraps

Avoid image-damaging recalls

Do you have questions?

Which models are part of the GLM-I series?

We developed the GLM-I series with your needs in mind, i.e.

> production speed/ppm
> fresh food packaging
> applicators, and
> amount of information you want to print on your label.

Select your model. We would be happy to discuss its relevant performance.


All options

  • GLM-I 70/100/150/170
  • GLM-I C-Wrap, available for delivery as of 2024
  • GLM-I CleanCut, available for delivery as of 2024
Are the GLM-I price labeling systems just as modular as their predecessors?

Absolutely. The new generation also functions based on the tried-and-tested modular system. Design exactly the labeling solution that you need.

Wide range of applicators: flat strip, stamp, blower, rotation, C- and/or F-wrap Matching top-bottom combinations Flexible direction of movement: L/R or R/L System add-ons such as unit formers or line convergers.

Our tip
Achieve the best print results and optimum adhesion with Bizerba Fresh Food Labels. Tried and tested by the millions in practical applications, they are ideally matched to work on GLM-l price labeling systems. The highly functional labels are continuously developed based on aspects such as sustainability and efficiency. We would be happy to consult with you about the wide variety of standard labels and custom material.

Can I customize GLM-I models specifically for my production?

Yes, this Bizerba capability is also achievable with the latest generation of fully automatic price labeling systems. Upon request, the Bizerba Customer Solution Center will gladly develop the right solution for your specific production line. From the mechanical and control technology to data transfer.

Can the dashboard view on the new GLM-I user interface be individually customized?

Yes, that's possible. Like the Favorites menu, the intuitive dashboard can be quickly and securely tailored to individual needs. Each authorized user defines which display information is relevant to them. Such focused views make the workflows significantly more efficient and ensure fast responses and seamless processes.

What support services are available to me for the GLM-I price labeling system?

Just as with every Bizerba solution, we provide you with service contracts for the GLM-I series as well. You benefit from smooth processes and the best investment protection - at plannable costs. We would be happy to discuss the available custom service packages, which we offer in 4 categories.

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