K3 unlimited
Makes you better

Everything you need included
From only £5.25 per day

  • Intuitive prestigious shop scale K3
  • Modular software & RetailApps
  • Smart services & support

Makes your business more independent

Take control of your business

Benefit from a high-performance package that is sure to cover everything you need for success. K3 unlimited enables you to offer the best shopping experience for your customers and easy operation for your staff. In advertising, sales and in service.


Retail scale K3

The K3 retail scale offers you both: a positive shopping experience for your customers and an intuitive user experience for your team at the fresh food counter. With the new user interface, using retail store software all processes will adapt to your requirements, information can be accessed quickly. Ideal for communicating with your customers and advising them on special offers.

Retail software

With a refined process. Update information quickly in your day-to-day business, e.g. prices or traceability information and allergen information. Implement and adapt to new trends and applications easily. The modular software architecture makes it possible.

Services & support

From the start you can be sure that everything is working on your retail scale. . Included is the full service contract. Remote & onsite support is also included : fast support hotline, service, spare parts and the annual maintenance of your K3.


K3 – looks amazing
Enhances your business

Your butcher's shop shows customers: They are entering a modern shop that offers the best craftsmanship. Your new K3 fits seamlessly into this concept with its modern and functional design. Fantastic for your company's image. A great experience for your team!

Ingeniously modular

No matter what the future may hold - the K3 adapts to your requirements. The clever design concept with a modular construction. Replace displays or printers during operation. Chic design on the outside. Clever technology inside. That is the K3. Offering you long term flexibility.

Smart &
time saving

How often do you cut linerless labels? And what can we do to keep the knife clean and sharp for as long as possible? Here's our answer: the innovative and unique Auto-Cutter. It cuts the linerless labels flawlessly - over 500,000 times. A great cut, isn't it?

workmanship &
timeless design

Yes, we confess: We are happy about our recent awards. For example, from the German Design Award jury. They awarded us in 2021. For the ergonomic, timeless design of the K3. For the durable materials and their high-quality workmanship. Excellent, don't you think?

Smart teamplay

With RetailStore

A user interface that is as intuitive as your smartphone. With everything exactly where you need it for your daily operations. That is RetailStore. It will make your staff happy using the K3. The dream team at the fresh food counter.

Your Plus

  • User-friendly operation: Scroll, swipe
  • Can be customized quickly using drag & drop
  • Simply implement promotions & offers on the customer display

Is your business growing?

The K3 unlimited grows with you

Trends are changing. Requirements are growing. And you always need to stay up-to-date. With K3 unlimited now you can. The modular software offers you endless functions for your digital retail scales. Apply RetailApps to match your needs. Fast & Easy. The software updates are included in the rental price for you.


The categories Communication, Data Management, Administration, Money. In addition: Some important RetailApps are included in the K3 rental model for you.

RetailApp MyOrder

Ordering online Regardless of the time and place, ordering fresh products is a trend. Because it conveniently saves time. For your customers and for you. The K3 will be digitally networked. The ordering process is seamless. And customers are always happy.

RetailApp PaymentManager

Versatile payment Your customer wants to pay cashless? No problem with the integrated interface to common EC card readers. Do you want to make cash payments more hygienic? With the connection to a payment machine, you can now offer contactless payments.

RetailApp TraceListing

Flawless enjoyment Simply enter the origin data of your products on the K3. With one touch, you can call up the information securely. You can assist your customers transparently and create trust.

RetailApp LasVegas

Payment as a customer experience When the sale is closed, the prize game starts. 3 identical symbols mean jackpot. You determine the prize. A good idea that sets you apart from the competition for free and builds customer loyalty.

K3 unlimited

Secure more free space

K3 unlimited means: You get exactly the service you need and remain fluid at the same time. This allows for complete flexibility. Have you been thinking about modernising your butcher's shop for a while? Or maybe a new branch is just what you need to move forward? Let us help you get started. A K3 package will enable peace of mind. You decide how much power you need:

  • £0 investment costs
  • Always up-to-date
  • Service & spare parts included
  • Transparent costs


per day*




per day*




per day*


Retail scale Model K3 800 Model K3 800 Model K3 800
Displays 12,1" Touch Operator
7“ customer
12,1“ Touch Operator
12,1“ customer
15,6“ Touch Operator
15,6“ customer
Printer - 3“ Linerless integrated 3“ Linerless integrated
3“ Ticket Linerless extern
Work & Mass Storage 4 GB RAM / 64 GB SSD 4 GB RAM / 64 GB SSD 8 GB RAM / 128 GB SSD
Operating system Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise
Software RetailStore RetailStore RetailStore
  • Winning Promotion LasVegas
  • Winning Promotion LasVegas
  • Order Management MyOrder Basic
  • Winning Promotion LasVegas
  • Order Management MyOrder Advanced
  • Connection payment machine PaymentManager CashManagement
  • Connection EC-Terminal PaymentManager ElectronicCash
Installation Delivery
Full Service contract Annual maintenance
Spare parts
Remote Support
Security, e.g. updates
Annual maintenance
Spare parts
Remote Support
Security, e.g. updates
Annual maintenance
Spare parts
Remote Support
Security, e.g. updates
Starter-Kit - Bizerba labels
Care products
Protective cover
Bizerba labels
Care products
Protective cover

*Recommended retail price. Prices excluding VAT. Monthly billing. Contract period for all-round carefree package: 54 months. The contract expires automatically, cancellation not required. Contract extension will be possible.
**Additional RetailApps can be added at any time. Costs vary depending on the RetailApp.

  • No hidden costs
  • Trade-in old unit

Simply makes you better

K3 unlimited

The K3 unlimited means: From now on, your options are limitless. You can shape your business in the best possible way with the new rental model, with features that simply make your business better – our experts will guide you. Find out how you can always be one step ahead of the competition. Enjoy the Bizerba experience.

4 tips

on how to increase your sales

They stand for quality that you can see, smell and taste. A retail scale that supports you in your processes behind and in front of the counter perfectly rounds off your service. Discover how you can make processes leaner and more economical with K3 unlimited.

Good timing

Helps the behind the counter team.

When is the best time to clean the K3? An indicator informs your staff at the fresh counter. Automatically via touchscreen. On time every time. You define the interval. Data from your everyday work. Or transactions made on the scale.

Your Plus

  • + Plannable cleaning cycles
  • + Optimum workflow
  • + Best cleaning practices
  • + More time for customers

Always fresh

K3 information

Provide your team with up-to-date information on the K3. On the scale or from the back office. This way you can organise your daily business dynamically. Upload new prices or product information and synchronise all shop scales. With the networked K3, this is possible at any time. An additional time and cost saving.

Your Plus

  • + Networked processes
  • + Best possible flexibility
  • + High quality of advice

Sell more

Through strong marketing

Give your customers a taste for your products. With product information that underlines the quality of your products. Recipes that provide variety on the table. Irresistibly good offers. Cross or up selling. With bonus programs. K3 makes everything possible.

Your Plus

  • + Powerful marketing
  • + Easy-to-implement advertising on the customer display
  • + Successful customer retention

Everything runs smoother

With smart services

Time is money. The smart Bizerba service makes everything predictable. It informs you in good time when your K3 needs maintenance. Performance data that continuously record actions and that we store everything securely in the cloud. Fast remote support is also included in your monthly rental rate. Your technician connects digitally to your K3, speaks your language and coordinates everything so that your retail scales are up and running again with minimum loss of time.

Your Plus

  • + Plannable, fast service interventions
  • + Fast problem solving
  • + Fast spare parts logistics

Always by your side


Your company is unique. Work with us to create exactly the combination that will bring you forward economically. Discover the difference that makes your business better:


  • Worldwide unique portfolio of hardware & software, labels, services & financing
  • Innovations that set international standards & distinguish us as a multiple industry leader
  • A strong team that greets you with this simple question: "What is your need?"


Welcome to Bizerba

Years of innovative strength

Be confident we know how to improve things

made in Germany

For efficient & long-term usage

Leading solutions

For artisanal food industry & retail

In 120 countries

With a strong network at your location

All from a single source






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Do you have questions?

Why does the K3 unlimited rental model make me financially independent?

When you buy a shop scale, you incur investment costs. Not with the K3 unlimited rental model. All you pay is your monthly rental rate. You remain fluid and gain the freedom to realise your plans tomorrow.

Your further advantages

  • Your K3 shop scale generates the monthly rental rate itself, i.e. through your turnover
  • The service costs are included in your all-round carefree package
  • You benefit from predictable costs and the reassurance that everything is running smoothly at your counter
Do I only pay the rent for my K3 all-inclusive package?

You pay for exactly the service you need. Does your K3 rental model suit you? Then there are no additional costs to you. Your business is developing and you need more performance? Simply add what you need: for example, RetailApps that make you better with their functions or a second external printer, e.g. for labelling packaging.


No hidden costs We design contract contents in such a way that you retain control over the service and costs: You know exactly what your package contains and what you have booked as an option.

Is it possible to upgrade my K3 carefree package?

Yes, your business is dynamic. Your K3 rental model is too. If you need more performance, for example, you can easily switch to K3 unlimited boost at any time. We will replace your shop scales and adjust your contract, including the new rental rate, simply and transparently.


More RetailApps, please This is also possible without much effort from you: You want to add newfunctions with additional RetailApps cost-effectively and quickly. We expand our service and create a separate contract for the additional items.

What are linerless labels or a linerless printer?

Linerless labels work without a liner. Ideal if you want to avoid waste and protect the environment. Linerless labels are also extremely practical in other ways:

  • They can be printed in variable lengths
  • carry more paper on the roll and
  • need significantly fewer changes.


More time for my customers Exactly. Linerless labels leave you more time for good service. The special linerless printer also makes you better: its unique auto-cutter stays clean. This ensures smooth cut edges and assiting the counter team. Cut by cut.

What options do I have at the end of the contract period?

You decide what happens next for you and your counter solution at the end of the contract period, 54 months. You want to buy the K3? Gladly. We will objectively determine the individual residual value for you. You pay the amount and you are the owner. This is also possible for you: Exchange your K3 model and conclude a new contract. You simply return your old K3.


Our tip Let us talk about your options about 6 months before the end of the term. We will advise you without obligation and ensure seamless transitions.

At what intervals do you bill my K3 all-round carefree package?

Billing is extremely simple with the K3 unlimited rental model: you pay your instalment monthly. The amount remains clear. It is also easy to integrate into your planning and budget.


Individual payment method Whether you set up a standing order or want a different payment method: We are happy to accommodate your preference.

Your question is not here? With just one click we are there for you.