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Inspection systems


  • Save costs
  • Prevent recalls
  • Be future-proof & strengthen your market position

Protect your product quality

and your brand image

Product safety and the highest quality are essential in food production. Our Inspection solutions reliably detect foreign objects in products or defective quality. Whether packaged food or loose goods. The automated inspection of your goods provides objective proof and complete traceability. Because control in production means security at retail and for consumers. Bizerba inspection systems use different technologies: our modular design allows for flexibility in software & hardware.

  • Metal detectors

Bizerba metal detectors quickly and reliably detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in packaged or unpackaged piece goods.

  • Dynamic Checkweighers

Our dynamic checkweighers ensure product quality of your packed or unpacked goods through precise weighing results.

  • X-ray inspection systems

X-ray inspection systems by Bizerba detect a variety of foreign objects as well as the number and completeness of products in your food production.

  • Vision inspection systems

Our vision inspection systems offer comprehensive solutions to ensure the quality of products and packaging.

5 Reasons

for our Bizerba inspection systems

Bizerba inspection technologies support your food production by checking the quality of each product. Consequently, the profitability and efficiency of your production will be increased. Benefit from inspection systems and our proven Bizerba quality.

Ensure the quality of your products

Our highly precise and adaptable inspection solutions reliably detect foreign objects or contaminants. As a result food safety in accordance with the applicable standards is guaranteed – even for complex products or packaging.

Comply with legal requirements

As food producer, you are responsible for the safety of your products. With Bizerba inspection solutions, you easily comply with legal requirements since they detect even the smallest contamination. Play it safe.

Prevent product recalls

Products contaminated with foreign objects could harm consumers and damage your brand image. Our inspection systems detect quality defects or contamination during production. Conspicuous products can be separated.

Save costs

Bizerba Inspection solutions precisely detect foreign objects or product defects during production process. Conspicuous products can be removed. This saves you unnecessary giveaway and downtime, as well as penalties for possible product recalls.

Stay competitive & flexible

Flawless product quality and an efficient production strengthen your competitive position. The modular design of Bizerba solutions is easily integrated into your production line and allows for flexible adaptation in the future.

What can be detected by inspection systems?

What is your need? Whether it’s products with complex packaging, contamination with foreign objects or classification based on defined parameters: Our inspection solutions offer a variety of ways to ensure the quality and safety of your products. The decisive question here is: "Which product in which packaging do I want to inspect for what?"


trays, cups
& bowls

flow packs, pouches
& sachets

bottles, glass ware
& cans

& cartons


inspection systems
inspection systems
Product check Seal check cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey check-blue
Label check cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey check-blue
Completeness check cross-lightgrey check-blue check-blue check-blue
Appearance check cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey check-blue check-blue
Weight control cross-lightgrey check-blue cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey
Foreign objects* Fremdkoerper_MetallMetal check-blue cross-lightgrey check-blue cross-lightgrey
Fremdkoerper_Stein-GlasStone, Glass cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey check-blue cross-lightgrey
Fremdkoerper_KunststoffPlastics cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey check-grey cross-lightgrey
Fremdkoerper_SonstigeOther non-metals cross-lightgrey cross-lightgrey check-grey cross-lightgrey
Fremdkoerper_PflasterSticking-plaster with metal threads check-blue cross-lightgrey check-blue cross-lightgrey

Legend check-blueSuitable for use check-greyPossibly suitable for this purpose cross-lightgrey Not suitable for this purpose

*Foreign bodies regardless of type of packaging

Alfred Faller GmbH increases productivity by 15 % through networked solutions by Bizerba

What is your return on investment?

Jam manufacturer Alfred Faller GmbH has been producing premium jams since 1913. With a quantity of 1,600 t of jam per year, machine utilisation and efficiency as well as data transparency are important success factors. In order to improve production, the traditional company relies on Bizerba inspection systems. Thanks to digitally networked solutions by Bizerba, productivity has been increased by 15 %.

In addition to higher efficiency, process reliability has also been improved. At the same time, Faller was able to reduce the error rate and save time. Read the complete case study here.

Do you also want to optimise your production processes? Would you like to increase your profitability with inspection systems? Our experts calculate the possible ROI for your production.

Digital control with BRAIN2

The intelligent software solution for your production

The intelligent software solution for your production our industrial software BRAIN2 offers maximum transparency and objective verification along your supply chain. Depending on your needs, the software modules for our inspection solutions can be easily integrated into your business processes via interfaces. You maintain an overview at any time: Whether monitoring in real time, process optimisation or transparency in traceability – be on the safe side.

Transparent numbers


BRAIN2 OEE records key metrics of your production, evaluates them and calculates the OEE value from the collected data records. The ideal basis for optimisation processes.

Your Plus

  • Key figure recording
  • Data evaluation
  • Reporting OEE

Perfect data flow

BRAIN2 Capture

This powerful software allows you to record and evaluate process data of your Bizerba inspection system in a quick, easy and efficient manner.

Your Plus

  • Recording of product-related data
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting

Meet legal requirements

BRAIN2 Prepack_Compliance

Generate and save statistical data records. Easily comply with legal requirements (FPV prepack regulations (Europe), USDA (USA)).

Your Plus

  • Capture
  • Evaluate
  • Archiving statistical data records

Backed up data

BRAIN2 Safety_Service

Create backups automatically. Data centrally saved can be easily restored via GUI or directly on the device. For a fast startup simply clone device data.

Your Plus

  • Automatic backups
  • Central storage
  • Restore

Always by your side


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Any questions?

Does the inspection affect the quality or appearance of the product?

No, the product quality always has the highest priority and is not affected.

Can Bizerba solutions be integrated into existing systems/production lines?

With our systems we would like to support you optimally in your production. You already have a proven production line that you would like to supplement with a Bizerba inspection system? No problem. Our solutions can be flexibly integrated into your production line. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the optimum solution.

Where are inspection systems installed in my production line?

Inspection systems must be installed in the production line at "Critical Control Points" (CCP). At best, raw materials are inspected directly at the goods receiving point, so that any foreign objects are detected before entering the production. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right control point.

What types of packaging can be inspected?

A great variety of packaging and product types can be inspected with our inspection solutions. Basically, it depends on the target of the inspection. Please find more information here. Our experts will be happy to advise you personally.

Does added cutlery (or other components) reduce inspection reliability?

No, our inspection solutions can be individually adapted to the needs of your production. For example, X-ray systems can hide components. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Sometimes there is a problem. How quickly can the Bizerba service be reached?

On request, our service team is available for you 24/7. We support you locally on site and via remote support.

Changes to the product are planned. Are the inspection solutions customisable?

Yes, our software and hardware solutions can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your production.

Your question is not listed? We are there for you with just one click.