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CleanCut® Linerless Solution


  • Label full-wrap labels automatically
  • Produce & grow economically
  • Adjust to new trends easily

Unrivalled cleanliness

CleanCut® linerless technology

Top performance at its best: A knife that remains clean cut after cut. This is what CleanCut® Linerless stands for. What are the advantages? Benefit from additional uptime and more cost-effectiveness.


And this is how it works: Our unique coating technology reduces adhesive on the interfaces of CleanCut® Linerless. Whether it's the large full wrap labels or slightly smaller C-wraps: The knife remains clean, and your GLM-Ievo CleanCut system runs significantly longer. Every millimetre of the CleanCut® linerless roll gets used. Our perfect adhesive layer makes this possible.


Your benefits

  • Fewer cleaning cycles & label changes
  • One label, complete information
  • Save resources: no liner, maximum roll utilisation

All in one

Produce more economically - automatically

Time is money. Produce faster with consistent quality and increase sales: CleanCut® Linerless Solution offers all you need from a single source. Automated processes and full digital service, which keeps your production running smoothly. Labels that enhance your packaging and a modular software that keeps you always up to date.

Efficient work and data flow
Optimal product quality
Transparent service costs

Designed to last

GLM-Ievo CleanCut

Rely on a robust and modular industrial design. Keep your options open: Integrate, e.g. an inspection system with a surprisingly small footprint. Your further advantages: rapid changes of products and label rolls thanks to automatic product settings. Easy operation even for unskilled personnel.

Perfect teamwork

With CleanCut® Linerless

Choose the best performance, strengthen your market position: The labelling system GLM-Ievo CleanCut and CleanCut® Linerless labels are married to one another and offer excellent results. Another extra: Our linerless label rolls carry 40 % more labels. Therefore they are more productive. It also saves roll changes and valuable storage space.

Everything runs smoothly

Bizerba full service contract

A Bizerba full-service contract increases the run-time of your systems, ensures your product quality and reduces costs. What’s included? Spare and wear parts, as well as an annual check-up - this is preventive maintenance that avoids unplanned downtimes. In addition, our support is available for you as you need it: on-site service or remote service, for example, via the Augmented Services app.

Ready for 4.0

Via industrial software BRAIN2

Connect your production with the intelligent GLM-Ievo CleanCut. Our modular industrial software BRAIN2 makes it possible. Optimise your overall equipment effectiveness / OEE and document your processes seamlessly. If your requirements grow, BRAIN2 grows with you. And it remains open to 3rd party hardware or software.

How to implement

5 shopper trends easily

Packaging protects your retail customers' fresh food. But it can do a lot more: Your label is a communicator. It's a marketing tool that can satisfy current shopper trends such as transparency as the demand for detailed product information is growing. This is a decision as to which goods find their way into the shopping basket.


F- and C- wrapping offer more space for information on just one label. Transparent, legible and attractive. What is trending? Here are our 5 tips:


*Source: Germany, how it eats. The BMEL Nutrition Report 2021. Published by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


Statutory information on the product and the manufacture are important when providing information on fresh food. Best before date, allergens or the list of ingredients are required reading for many consumers. Voluntary information such as vegan or vegetarian is equally in demand.

Regional origin

“How can I purchase products in a more environmentally and climate-neutral way?” For many consumers, fresh regional products are the solution. One reason is low food miles; another is to support manufacturers in their region. Voluntary regional labelling provides transparent information, for example, where the animals are kept and how their meat is processed.

Organic label

Whether issued by the state or by production associations: eco-labels are a growing trend among consumers. For example, the certified EU organic label ensures that products have been produced in a controlled, ecological manner and not genetically manipulated.

Healthy eating

Great flavour is not everything. Healthy eating is a trend. Take Germany as an example: 91% of consumers consciously buy products containing less sugar, salt, fat, etc. * One source of information is the legally prescribed nutritional table. This is a new trend, because it is much faster: the voluntary Nutri-Score label with a simple traffic light system.

Animal welfare label

People are consuming meat and sausages more consciously. They are actively looking for an animal welfare label when purchasing pre-packaged fresh products. The label provides the reassurance that they are buying meat from animal-friendly husbandry. In Germany alone, 55% of consumers pay attention to this information *.

Food Standards Efficiently

Objectively, digitally &

Expand the top notch performance of your CleanCut® Linerless Solution. For example with the AI-based vision inspection from LabelSecure. Satisfy international food standards with the vision inspection system. Objectively, quickly and reliably. Even at high throughput levels.

Among other things the inline solution inspects whether the label contains the correct information matching the product. Automatically generated reports for each batch ensure a seamless traceability. Another advantage: LabelSecure allows you to analyze and control your processes in real time. The perfect way to save resources.

  • Teach in the defined criteria quickly & easily
  • Synchronous top/bottom label inspection; ideal for full wraps
  • Can be used for different packaging
  • Avoid image-damaging recalls

Always by your side


Your company is unique. Work with us to create exactly the combination that will bring you forward economically. Discover the difference that makes you better:


  • Worldwide unique portfolio of hardware & software, labels, services & financing
  • Innovations that set international standards & distinguish us as a multiple industry leader
  • A strong team that greets you with this simple question: "What is your need?"


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Any questions?

Which packaging can be labelled with the CleanCut® Linerless Solution?

The Bizerba solution offers you a wide variety of possible uses. Become a versatile and flexible partner for the food retail. Simply implement 4 packaging categories:

  • Vacuum
  • MAP
  • Shrinkage
  • Tubular bag


Quality, please Consumers are picky: they only choose fresh, carefully packaged products with transparent, easily legible information. We would be happy to advise you on offering impeccable quality in terms of content and label. Together we will find the right solution for your packaging.

Is the GLM-Ievo CleanCut labeling system customizable?

Yes. Its modular system offers total flexibility: Use numerous modules and options to design precisely the labelling solution you need. The intelligent GLM-Ievo CleanCut can be seamlessly integrated into your production line. Perfect for a smooth work and data flow.


Our tip Let's talk about your production at an early stage: How can we integrate the GLM-Ievo CleanCut into your processes smoothly? Also, at an on-site appointment. The Bizerba Customer Solution Center will then develop your solution for you. From the mechanics and controls to the data transfer.

Can I expand the GLM-Ievo CleanCut labeling system, e.g. with inspection systems?

Yes, that is one of the many advantages of this Bizerba solution: You can automatically label and inspect in one process. Suitable for your production line:


Combine e.g. an upstream metal detector with the GLM-Ievo CleanCut. After labeling, the LabelSecure G2 camera inspection system checks the label. Do you produce in a small area? LabelSecure G2 T is ideal for you. It has the smallest footprint in its class.


Further advantages

  • Reliable quality: perfect products for the retail
  • Efficient processes: 2-fold control performance with only 1 system
  • Space-saving: all modules can be integrated in just 1 system
Is C-Wrapping also possible with the GLM-Ievo CleanCut?

Yes, because this will strengthen your competitive position. With the Bizerba solution, you offer both options to the food retail:

  • You label your packaging all around with a full-wrap label
  • Or 3-sided with a C-wrap label.


Both applications achieve top results with Bizerba CleanCut® Linerless, e.g. precise label positioning. It saves time, money and waste.


Our tip Which adhesive ensures the best adhesion to your pack surface, especially in the fresh food area? Which paper or film material do you use to implement your brand image perfectly? We are happy to advise you according to your needs.

Is a GLM-Ievo CleanCut solution usable with 3rd party linerless labels?

Yes. However, with your decision, you are foregoing the economic advantages offered by our unique CleanCut® Coating technology. An example: the higher productivity due to fewer cleaning cycles and label changes.

Does the Bizerba full service contract only include the hardware?

No, our full-service also includes the BRAIN2 software. For example, via updates and maintenance of your licensed software apps, we constantly optimize your labelling solution in terms of function and performance.


Our tip We would be happy to advise you on your flexible conditions, e.g. the duration and payment modes of your full service contract.

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